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Zynga was one of the first well-known developers on Facebook, but that pedigree doesn’t guarantee the company’s future success; in order to stay competitive in the increasingly competitive social game arena, it’s got to keep innovating. Of late, the mega-developer – best known for its “Ville” titles – is making new flavors of casual entertainment, and one of the best thus far is jungle-themedbubble popper, Bubble Safari.
As you might guess with a game called Bubble Safari, the game is set in the jungle. You’re not playing an explorer or treasure hunter though; you’re a chimp. A chimp bent on revenge. When the game starts, you’re minding your own business, hanging out with your cute little chimp girlfriend, when poachers appear and take you both prisoner. As luck would have it, the crate you’re in bounces off the back of the truck, unexpectedly freeing you. Your poor lady friend isn’t so lucky though, and as she sadly waves goodbye to you from the back of the quickly-vanishing truck, you swear you’ll get her back.
You’d think a chimp wouldn’t be especially well armed, but this one comes equipped with a sizable, handheld cannon. This unusual weapon fires not cannonballs, but varicolored bubbles. The idea is to fire your cannon at big, multi-colored bubble clouds and pop them; the more you pop, the more points you score. For bonus points, you can also make sections of bubbles fall and turn into fruit. This fruit bounces off the heads of cute little flying birdies and scores you mucho bonus points. To complete levels and move on, you have to make all the bubbles drop. It’s much harder to describe than to play and trust me, it’s a ton of fun.
Things start simple and you’ve got around eight levels to get your bearings. Soon after that however, the game becomes much more difficult as bubble formations and objectives change. One technique you must learn is how to bank bubbles off the sides of the playing field. Without mastering that, you’ll never get through the crazier formations. You’ll also want to learn how to use your bubble projectiles sparingly, since whatever’s left at the end of the level grants you both bonus points and gold coins. Points are important, because unless you score high enough to earn at least one gold star, you’ll be playing the level again. Coins are important because they allow you to purchase powerups in the in-game store.
What’s great about Bubble Safari when compared to other Zynga games is that your playing time isn’t limited by energy in the same way. Although playing costs energy, as long as you clear levels, you’ll keep earning energy back. This enables you to play for much longer than say, the “Ville” games, which force you either to buy more energy or to beg your Facebook friends for it.
Another interesting new element of Bubble Safari is a social mechanic called “Bubbles From Friends,” which allows you to ask friends playing the game for extra bubbles which you can then use if you get stuck at the end of a level. Thankfully, you can only ask the same friends for help every 18 hours which should minimize the pester-potential of the mechanic.

Generates Coins Generates Cash Generates Energy


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