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Guild Wars 2 keygen is the sequel started in 2005, the saga of MMO games. The creation of all parts and numerous additions corresponds to an American company ArenaNet, in close cooperation with NCsoft, which specializes in this type of games. Publisher NCSoft is known even from items such as: Auto Assault, City of Heroes and City of Villains, Lineage series, and Tabula Rasa. The first edition of Guild Wars is divided into three separate, independent campaigns: Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall and Appendix Eye of the North, demanding to have one of them. This extension has introduced a system called the Hall of Monuments, so that players could move some of its achievements in the game for the second part, thus obtaining certain advantages from the very start. Among the awards for veterans appear extra weapons, animal companions, whether for a prestigious titles.
Guild Wars 2 keygen, like the original, does not need to pay monthly fees, unlike many others of this type of production. Instead, a system of micro-payments, offering some allowances for a small fee. The second part presents a brand new, huge land, where you can meet players from all over the world. The creators decided to keep some of the characteristic features of ones, that is, an extensive story, diversifying entertainment systems, strong support for the game PvP (player vs. player), but opted out of the universe consists almost entirely of instances for a fully sustainable and accessible to all the world.
The game takes place 250 years after the events of Eye of the North. Guild Wars crack universe, the world has transformed and progress, mainly due to the return of the ancient dragons. In view of their appearance were destroyed much of the land and cities known from the first part, and the human race itself was in serious trouble. Similar problems also experience other factions already known (Asuras, Charr and Norn). During the play, we can understand the different aspects of the history of each of the parties and new technology, including even firearms used by the Charr. The authors decided to expand the range of creative forms. In the second installment of the saga so we can play as a representative not only of the human race. The choice also received: Charr (humanoid wild beast), Norn (more than two-meter warrior from the north able to change into animals), Asuras (cunning thinkers) and Sylvari (race born of a magical tree). Our hero can develop: to gain experience levels (up to 80), unlock skills and equip better equipment. The different character classes (eg Necromancer, Warrior, Elementalist) also have special features, and much of spells / attacks have been attributed to the weapon. Most of the game you can go alone, but a very important aspect of the play is also a fight at the side of the other players. Developers have prepared a lot of interesting areas, missions, and challenges. In contrast to the first part of the vast majority of the site will meet not only teammates, but players from all over the world. Production breaks almost completely with the classical tasks for area events, which is open to all willing. Still, the primary role of fiction fulfill missions. In contrast to the first part of the series but they are more complex and multi-threaded. New feature is the ability to swim underwater and explore the many corners of the world. Among other modifications worth mentioning changes in the control and movement (which is now much more fluid), the ability to jump and improved graphics. The music for the game was composed by Jeremy Soule again. Play modes: massive online multiplayer   -  Multiplayer: Internet    -   Media: 1 DVD


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