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Drakensang (hack) studio Radon Labs is a role-playing game based on the most popular in Germany (as well as Austria and Switzerland), the system of fantasy RPGs paper. The intention of the authors was to create a game referring to the classics, putting a strong emphasis on story, action and team battle system in which the rate of pressing the keypad is not the most important element. Authors themselves used to define his work as Baldur's Gate in the 3D world.
Drakensang (cheat) - the action takes place on the continent Aventuria, the equivalent of Europe from the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance. As with any self-respecting RPG world, we deal with a set of different areas and countries, ranging from the frozen north, inhabited by the equivalent of the Vikings, by, like our far east, empire Kun Kau Peh, and ending with Khom desert and mysterious, full of magic islands. During the adventure, not only we will know the exact center of the continent, called Middenrealm, but also could not do without traveling to more exotic places. The story itself is very complex. Over a period of more than six months, working on her six people. In total, they have created a story written on more than a thousand pages. During the trip, we meet a rich gallery of characters, often seen at fantasy: living in harmony with nature and who are accustomed to the magic of the Elves, gderliwych, impetuous, armed with axes, Dwarves, Orcs wild and violent, dark wizards, knights of honor, burly warriors, cunning rogue, etc. .'s also some more exotic cases: well-trained in combat, a follower of the goddess of war Rondry, Amazon, as well as Thorwalianie, drive people north, calling for the need of God Swafnira. In many of these races and character classes, players can be put to form his character. While we're on the creation of the main hero is worth mentioning that the way it was created was almost alive copied from a paper RPG. This means that the character is described in a number of characteristics and factors that affect the interaction with the environment. To facilitate the authors okroili some amount of detail that we have to identify yourself. Drakensang (generator) - during the adventure we meet the inhabitants of the world, where you can join the team. At the same time the main character can have no more than three regular companions. It is also possible to connect the temporary allies (for example, to perform a particular task). Their number does not exceed two.
Drakensang Hack, Cheat

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