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War Z (keygen) of the MMO game with elements of survival horror, which is the debut studio project Hammerpoint Interactive. Developers do not hide under the production design inspired primarily a modification to the game ArmA II, entitled Dayz. Inspiration is mainly connected with the mood of loneliness, the accompanying player in the world during the crawl.
Action War Z is set five years after the outbreak of the plague, during which most of the human population has been changed into zombies or killed by the living dead. After some time, discovered a new species specific undead which stem cells can be used to create specific vaccines, anti-virus dangerous. Since then, people hunt for the zombie genre to sell his cell and escape the plague changing them into the living dead. Before you start creating fun survivor, in which we will incorporate. After moving to World War Z (crack) player can explore the surrounding area in search of rare items, weapons, ammunition, food or medicine. The character feels hunger and thirst, so having the right inventory is necessary to survive in the wasteland. Medicines, including vaccines against plague spread by zombies are also very useful, because they allow for the healing of wounds and protect themselves from becoming a zombie after being bitten by the living dead. During the game you will come across on special missions, mostly in the style of "kill a certain number of zombies", "find a particular item," or "open the safe in a military base," for which we receive an appropriate reward. Players can also experience special notes, left by NPCs or other players were having fun. Thanks to the information contained in them can be found for example hiding in the hidden object is useful. Of particular interest is the possibility of leaving notes for players, which allows fans of War Z (emulator) of hedging against losses (eg, by leaving information on the hike), send a letter of request for assistance, the order of the mission, or even set a trap for other survivors. During the tour of the world and fight enemies characters gain experience that can be spent to learn the skills of one of several separate talent trees. Each of them allows to train the ability of a particular area, such as the fight at a distance, treatment, tracking and survival. Sites, which was placed in action, based on real cities, such as New York, Los Angeles and Paris. Each map has a surface area of 200 to 400 km2, and at the same time can be found on the approximately 250 players, which increases the sense of realism and allows you to forge alliances and connect to the group. Environment has been designed in such a way as to provide the most realistic world after passing the plague of zombies.

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