Sunday, 24 February 2013


Adjustment to life Brick Force (hack) aren't free, however, as you have to spend in-game currency or real money in the world or to rent equipment out for a selected number of days.Movement and combat should feel familiar to anyone who's ever played a FPS on the PC, as WASD keys control keys, cycle the number of available weapons, the left-mouse button, right mouse shoots growing in the sniper rifle, load the R-key, and you can press the spacebar to jump. Brick-Force has the same type of game modes that a number of other functions, including the titles of Team Deathmatch, Survival Mode (free-for-all), Blast mode (kill all the members of the opposing team, or either light or safely defuse a bomb, depending which team you are not), and Capture The Flag (take the flag and bring it back to your base and win). Once again, pretty basic stuff, but what's there is solid stuff and if all you ever want to do is run around and shoot people with huge heads of the block in the near infinite array of map you will find a lot to enjoy when it comes to force Brick Force (cheat).

Brick Force Hack

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