Saturday, 25 May 2013


pou hack

Pou hack is a Tamagotchi-style program in which we take care of the small creatures, title Pou hack.Gry corresponds studio Zakeh. Title does not tell any story. Play beings simply as a curator, and we have to take care of his good health Pou hack.

The game also features an achievement system and a series of mini-games that are usually clones of known produkcji.Program is free, but implements a micropayment system, speeding up or facilitate certain tasks.
Game rules are very simple. The shift finger moves on the grid to break Pou hack  Your task is to swallow as much food that eventually begins to fall faster and faster. In addition jedzonka from time to time there are other objects - airplanes, shoes, CDs, horseshoe, which if swallowed end of the game. Some items are confusingly similar to foods such as horseshoe with bacon - so you have to show for. If you miss eight food game cheats Pou hack  If you fail to eat within (without a defeat to eat) foods in row 3 get 1 coin, which will be automatically added to państwa.Super smooth game will get bonuses!

Pou Hack

Pou Hack 
Pou Hack

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